Forgiato Tire Lamborghini Super Trofeo sponsored by O’Gara Coach Company

Well once again I am sitting here speechless because what I am about to write about is still very surreal. I know I am supposed to write a professional write-up with perfect punctuation and grammar, contain only positive comments, and then thank my sponsors and be done. But the only thing that keeps coming to mind is “OMG OMG! DUDE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADASS THIS THING IS!” So where do I start? I want to start with the feeling of going from sleeping in my Bronco and calling it home, to now not just driving a Lamborghini, but racing one. I want to tell you what its like to jump out of the Bronco and into the Lambo… I want to tell you what it feels like to start the Lambo… what it feels like to hear your team come over the radio and talk to you for the first time in your helmet… what it feels like to pull a car like that out of the pits and out on to the track and realize its time for YOU to do work, and tell yourself that inside your helmet… To realize that you now get to become as intimate with this Lamborghini as you have anything in your life…


BUUUUUUUUUUT I don’t have the words, the patience, or the time… Hopefully someday I can hire someone to do that… lol

Anyway, back to the business, I am extremely happy to announce that after Octane Academy I was able to partner with Forgiato Tires and O’Gara Coach Company to run the rest of the North American Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series. The Lamborghini will be prepped and maintained with race day pit support by GMG Racing.


I will be racing the remainder of the season with my father Bruce Jenner as a Co-driver for the Kansas and Fontana Rounds with me driving solo in the Calaboogie Canada and Virginia International Raceway rounds. Obviously I am excited about this opportunity, but the opportunity to race alongside my dad on the same team has been something I have also dreamed about my whole life. I can only hope someday I have a son and am able to do the same with him.


Below is footage from my first time driving the car, the footage is unedited, so you can see all the stupid things I do like turning on the windshield wipers. If you want to jump to the part where I start driving fast just skip more than 50% through the video.

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2 comments on “Forgiato Tire Lamborghini Super Trofeo sponsored by O’Gara Coach Company
  1. Jason says:

    Way to go Burt. I remember you could drive Malibu Canyon to school with no hands using only your knees. I wouldn’t recomend it in the Lambo though. Good luck!

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