Valerie enters the 2013 Miss Mint400 competition!

2013 Miss Mint400 Competition

In an effort to continue the money running out the door on a racing budget, I decided to enclude Valerie more in the racing process. So I suggested that she enter the 2013 Miss Mint400 competition and co-drive with me in the race. She was instantly excited about entering into the race with me, but hesitant about the Miss Mint competition. She has never wanted to model or enter pagents, but after describing to her how it could help the race team and set us apart she was instanly game.

She went through a few pictures and found one with her standing next to the racecar fully clothed and she submitted it… She was the only girl without a professionally taken studio shot as her picture. This didnt stop the judges though as they voted her one of the 10 finalists!

Unfortunately I told her to keep her speech short after listening to all the poor girls struggle with the question of why they wanted to be “Miss Mint”. Saying things like “my cousin’s, grandmother’s, uncle’s best friend had a quad once and I used to love to ride it…” or “my boyfriend has a Polaris”. Since she was the only finalist that was actually going to be entered in the race I told her to go up and say that she wanted to be “the first Miss Mint in history to actually enter the race”. Somehow that wasn’t enough for the judges!

As you can see below its definatly not because she want the most beautiful!


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