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Forgiato Tire Lamborghini Super Trofeo sponsored by O’Gara Coach Company


Well once again I am sitting here speechless because what I am about to write about is still very surreal. I know I am supposed to write a professional write-up with perfect punctuation and grammar, contain only positive comments, and

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I won Ford’s Octane Academy! ! ! ! ! ! !

Always feels good to hold up the number 1

Wow… So now I am supposed to try to express how excited and happy I am with words, much less written ones… IMPOSSIBLE! But I guess I have to try… lol. So for me this all started with Ford, no

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2013 Mint 400 Burt Driving and Valerie Navigating Fire

Burt and Val Mint start

2013 Mint 400 Burt Jenner and Valerie Pitalo UTV #1933 fire – YouTube. The video is out! Watch the footage from our race in Las Vegas called “The Mint 400″. At the end of the video is a link to

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